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Kamionos program laptopra

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PTV TruckNavigator 7.0 (Europe incl. East-Europe, Speech, TMC) [PDA/PC]

Take the best routes for trucks and get to your customers safely and on time: Professional navigation is now available especially for trucks. It can do everything that navigation solutions are expected to do – and it even takes trucks’ extra requirements into account: Bridge heights and capacities, vehicle clearance heights and truck restrictions. A route created especially for trucks saves time and money right from the start, because it is specifically calculated for trucks and local detours can be avoided. p1010847

New in Version 7.0 (21.11.2011):
- Improved graphical design
- Option to “Avoid toll roads” [only PC/PDA]
- Self-learning vehicle profile [only PC/PDA]
- Faster address-search
- Map data 2011.2N

Quickly and efficiently at your destination
Considers closed roads, restrictions and hazardous goods.
The map&guide truck navigator route planning has been optimised for trucks. It takes particular attributes into account, which are stored in the map material: p1010843

• Roads closed to trucks
• Restrictions such as weight, axle load, vehicle length, vehicle clearance heights and widths
• Restrictions for hazardous goods, water-pollutants and explosive substances as well as roads closed to trailers
• The trucks vehicle profile (height, width, weight, axle load, hazardous goods etc.) can be set to the end device at any time. In this way the navigation always takes the relevant road closures or other information (e.g. empty or loaded runs) into account. There is no limit to the number of profiles that can be stored and selected with a click.
• The navigation system can alert truck drivers to relevant dangers such as sharp turns, overhanging trees, steep inclines, uneven roads and side winds. p1010849

Truck-specific routing
Normal navigation systems are designed for cars, but truck drivers have different needs:

• Narrow side roads are automatically avoided to ensure realistic truck navigation.
• The map&guide truck navigator route planning automatically avoids residential areas. The truck enters the residential area at the very last moment before reaching its destination.
• The driver decides the extent to which narrow side roads and driving through cities is avoided. Different routing profiles can be selected for this purpose.
• Turning manoeuvres on unsuitable roads are avoided.
• The navigation is able to recognise when destination and start addresses lie in areas of blocked access, e.g. pedestrian zones or factory grounds. In these cases you are also safely guided to your destination.

Basic functionsp1010845
Mobile navigation is a popular alternative to an expensive installation. map&guide fleet navigator provides:

• Door-to-door cross-border navigation
• Intuitive, easy operation
• Precise visual cues and spoken instructions
• 2D and 3D navigation using map&guide clear, intuitive maps
• Proven, professional map&guide routing and navigation
• Extrapolated positioning in tunnels
• Dynamic navigation: The latest TMC information is received on a TMC receiver free of charge and used to update the route while on the road.
• map&guide fleet navigator supports the following languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Hungarian, Romanian, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian
• Auto-Smartzoom for optimum map information when approaching a manoeuvre
• Automatically switches between day and night view
• Speed warning limits also for trucks in many countries
• Text2Speech
• Coordinates input
• Global search for POIs
• Realistic motorway signs and junction views

Connected navigation
With map&guide fleet navigator it is possible to control the navigation of your service employees’ cars from your control center: Order files (RC-Interface) and interfaces in C and C# (RI-Interface) enable communication between map&guide fleet navigator and a secondary software which establishes communication with the control center. These functions are used to:

• send stop-off points as address from the control centre to the navigation
• request GPS positions from the navigation and make them available to third-party applications
• start and end mobile navigation
• transfer and display messages to the navigation
• Guided navigation: Transfer of entire route navigation
• Show other vehicles (buddies) via interface

One fleet – various vehicle profiles
Create different vehicle profiles for the various vehicles in your fleet – this ensures that navigation is tailored to the vehicle. When creating vehicle profiles for cars and trucks with map&guide fleet navigator the following criteria can be taken into account:

• Speed profile
• Avoiding motorways or ferries
• For cars: Optimisation of route in terms of economy or time
• For trucks: Avoiding smaller streets (bypasses), turning, residential areas

Included maps :
- Maps of Eurpe (see datasheet for coverage)

Scope of Supply :
- PTV TruckNavigator 7.0 DVD (includes PDA/PC program and all maps)

Screenshot-gallery with Step-by-Step introduction (Version 7)



Remote Control
Remote Interface


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